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  With the continuous development of China's economy and the increasing number of large space buildings, the design scope of large space air conditioning is becoming larger and larger。 Building energy consumption accounts for a large proportion of the total energy consumption in our society。 Building energy efficiency is the development trend of basic construction。 It is also a new growth point of modern science and technology。 The necessary components of building HVAC field are also affected by this trend。 Energy-saving air conditioning system is an attractive concern for HVAC designers。 For different countries, the characteristics of regional energy resources and building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning。 Relevant energy-saving technologies have been developed according to the requirements of the regulation。 Energy saving calculation of large space HVAC duct air conditioning system has important practical significance。


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  The difficulties of large space HVAC design are mainly embodied in the following four aspects: the design of large space buildings often needs separate heat sources to meet the supply demand of air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and hot water。 Because of the shortage of land and other reasons, many large space buildings need to install boiler rooms in basement or roof, which makes the thermal design of large space buildings more complex。 Large space buildings tend to be of high height, which also increases the vertical imbalance of heating system。 At the same time, because of large hydrostatic system, it directly affects the hydraulic conditions of outdoor pipeline network, and because of the large temperature gradient of outdoor pipeline network, the air distribution in large space buildings needs to adopt reasonable air supply mode in air conditioning design。 The upper and lower air supply mode is return air from the lower part of the ceiling。 The air intake height of side-entry and bottom-return air is mostly about 3m, so it is necessary to arrange the air outlet position in combination with architectural decoration design in order to achieve indoor beauty。 At the same time, the air distribution calculation of air conditioning also needs to be accurate。


  Shandong Ventilation Pipeline


  With the progress of society, people are pursuing more and more large-space buildings for the quality of life。 The environmental equipment of large-space buildings also needs to be more reasonable in health, comfort, and efficient use of energy, and constantly make good results。 HVAC equipment and how to adapt to the needs of large-space buildings in air-conditioning design deserve attention and discussion。 In addition, the energy-saving of HVAC system is the main part of building energy efficiency, so it plays an important role in energy-saving design of HVAC duct and reducing building energy consumption。 It is also related to national energy security, resource consumption and environmental pollution。 It is an important industry related to national economy, people's lives and sustainable development of the country。 Therefore, HVAC designers should pay enough attention to it。


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