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Smoke pipe plays a very important role in the day, some of the oil smoke sweeping depends on it, the following will explain to us the smoke pipe device attention.


1。 Subflue Preservation: Every kitchen has a flue, a flue also has the main and secondary points, the main flue throughout the building, and the subflue is different。 Generally, the lampblack in the home will go into the sub-flue first, and then enter the main flue through the holes in the partition, so as to ensure that each household lampblack is isolated。 If the auxiliary flue is directly connected to the main flue, the pressure will be too low and lead to backflue or string smoke phenomenon。


2, attention should be paid to the construction details: choosing the location of the hood is very important. The shorter the pipeline, the better. Some owners will stretch the pipes longer for the sake of beauty, so that after switching off the lampblack machine, a lot of lampblack will accumulate in the pipes and then pour back into the room. In addition, in order not to damage the original main and auxiliary flue, its opening direction is not optional can be changed, must hit in the secondary flue inside.

3、窗户排烟留意安: 一些人为了避免串烟问题,放弃原有烟道,直接在窗户上开孔排烟,这样做是能够的,但有几点需求留意。首先在窗户或墙面开洞之前必定要通过物业的赞同;一般排烟管末端是金属材质的,假如开的洞太小,金属传热或许会使玻璃迸裂,伤及行人,且烟管通向窗外,强劲的冬风对着吹会导致油烟倒灌。主张将管道伸出去今后把管道往下窝,这样还能够避免下雨时雨水流进管道,并把风挡在外面。

3。 Window smoke safety: Some people in order to avoid the problem of smoke strings, give up the original flue, directly in the window hole smoke exhaust, this is possible, but there are a few points to pay attention to。 First of all, before the window or wall openings must be approved by the property; generally, the end of the smoke pipe is made of metal, if the hole is too small, metal heat transfer may cause glass bursting, injuring pedestrians, and the smoke pipe to the window, strong winter wind blowing against the oil smoke will cause backfilling。 It is advocated that the pipe should be stretched out and the pipe should be lowered to its nest so as to avoid rainwater flowing into the pipe when it rains and keep the wind out。


4。 Check valve replacement frequently: If the sub-flue has been removed, or the need to avoid the role of smoke is better, then the use of flue check valve。 Generally speaking, the function of the check valve of the lampblack machine is not obvious, but the check valve of the flue device can protect the lampblack machine, so that the smoke in the flue can not be poured back into the pipe and the lampblack machine。 However, after installing the check valve, it should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the check valve will open and lose its function, and the flue check valve should be replaced about two years。



Ventilation pipes also play a lot of role in daily life, in its planning is also fastidious, the following gives us a detailed description of its planning guidelines.


1. The smoke control zoning of the smoke exhaust system should be considered in combination with the fire protection zoning of the building. It is not only conducive to the ventilation system of the basement and the smoke exhaust system, but also does not show the phenomenon that the smoke exhaust duct crosses the fire zoning. Therefore, when using a set of air pipes, the system should be satisfied with the exhaust requirements of ordinary exhaust and fire.

2、地下室通风方法合理安置排风管及排风口,平常排风用,火灾时兼作排烟风管及排烟口;地下一层考虑由车道自然进风,其它层由平常送风体系兼作火灾时补风体系。每个排风、排烟及送风体系应设置竖井,进风口应设在地上洁净处,若能与地下主楼有必定间隔更好,其受火灾气影响会小;若能与地上主楼有必定间隔更好,其受火灾烟气影响会小,排风口方位应高于附楼层面, 以削减排风对地上环境影响。

2. The ventilation method of the basement is to arrange the exhaust pipe and outlet reasonably, which is usually used for ventilation, and is used as both the exhaust pipe and the exhaust outlet in case of fire; the natural air intake of the driveway is considered in the first floor of the basement, and the supplementary air system in case of fire is used in the other layers. Each exhaust, smoke exhaust and air supply system should be equipped with a shaft, air inlet should be located in the ground clean place, if there is a definite interval with the underground main building is better, it will be less affected by fire gas; if there is a definite interval with the ground main building is better, it will be less affected by fire smoke, exhaust outlet should be higher than the level of the attached floor, in order to reduce the exhaust air pairs. Environmental impact.


3. Centrifugal fan or high temperature axial fan can be selected for exhaust, smoke exhaust and fan selection. General centrifugal fans can satisfy the requirements of exhaust air and smoke, but high-volume centrifugal fans can only be installed on the ground, occupying a larger area, the need for a larger machine room, high-temperature axial-flow fans for fire protection special fans, can also satisfy the requirements of operating at 280 C for 30 minutes, and high-temperature axial-flow fans are small in volume, generally can be hoisted, if set up room surface. In addition, the high temperature axial fan is often used for smoke extraction in actual engineering planning.


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